Debt Collection

For a business, a steady stream of income can mean the difference between success and failure. If that stream is interrupted by missed or negligent payments, the business might face challenges that it wouldn’t have to otherwise.

Our attorneys understand the importance of business or commercial debt collection. Whether the debt is based on a judgment, breach of contract or payment for services provided, our firm can facilitate collection.

We have experience representing businesses against individuals or other businesses. When a business contacts us regarding debt collection, we take the time to examine all facets of the situation. Having as much information as possible allows our firm to create an effective and unique strategy for collection. Often, all it takes is the issuance of a demand letter, but we can also initiate litigation and represent you through negotiation or trial.

Representing Individuals in Debt Collection Matters

Many times, individuals find themselves in a dispute with a debt collection agency. Often, these people receive a demand letter in the mail and do not act. They rationalize it as a mistake or hope the problem will simply go away if they ignore it. Do not do this. The best way to handle this type of problem is to meet it head on by retaining a skilled lawyer to represent you in court.

In most debt collection actions, timelines must be adhered to. There are statutes of limitations and specific time periods in which to respond to a letter. Let us provide the legal representation. The purpose of retaining knowledgeable counsel is to have someone advising you and negotiating on your behalf.

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Debt Collection