If you or a loved one has been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), then we can help. You need a skilled attorney for your DUI defense in Florida to help protect your driving privileges and avoid a license suspension.

Many individuals believe they should plead guilty to DUI charges to obtain a quick resolution. However, a quick resolution might still be possible while asserting your rights and challenging the prosecutor’s charges.

Experienced DUI Defense Representation

A DUI also results in an administrative suspension of your driving privilege. If you blew over a .08 or refused to take a breath test, you only have 10 days to challenge your driver’s license suspension and petition for a temporary driver’s license. Our skilled DUI defense lawyers can assist you with obtaining a temporary driver’s license if your license was suspended. We will challenge the suspension of your driver’s license at an administrative hearing, which is separate from your criminal proceeding.

Criminal defense has everything to do with ensuring your civil rights are protected throughout the criminal process, as well as ensuring the state can prove its case. This includes analyzing whether the police officer had probable cause to pull over your vehicle, whether field sobriety tests were administered properly and whether blood or breath tests provided accurate results.

We understand that being charged with a crime can be a frightening and an emotionally challenging experience. You might be concerned about your freedom, your future and the potential consequences you could face. In these situations, it is our job to protect you. We will investigate and challenge all aspects of your charge in a goal of getting it reduced or dismissed. We will aggressively fight on your behalf through all stages of the legal process.

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