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Home Owners Association Assessments

Homeowners association fees are used for the general upkeep of community properties. These fees pay for the general maintenance of common areas such as playgrounds, trails, picnic areas, sports areas and pools. Additionally, fees are used to pay for landscaping and other issues affecting the community. When these fees are not paid, it hampers the homeowners association’s (HOA) ability to provide a safe and well-maintained area.

Home Owners Association Defense in Florida

The Naples home owners association attorneys at the Law Offices of Hodge and Snyder have represented HOAs in a broad range of disputes, including:

  • Fee collection
  • Dues collection
  • Collection of past assessments
  • Enforcement of covenants
  • Filing liens
  • Foreclosures

When a property owner fails to pay or adhere to a restrictive covenant, the look and feel of the community might suffer. Property values might fall and other issues might arise. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with a lawyer in our office to learn more about your legal rights and the best course of action.

Representing Homeowners Against the Association

Sometimes a homeowner in a condominium or townhouse community gets into a dispute with the homeowners association. The owner might want to make changes to landscaping or other aspects of the property. In these situations, it is wise to seek the advice of a lawyer skilled at reading and interpreting restrictive covenants. We can help both HOAs and people going after an HOA.

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Home Owners Association & Condo Association