Marco Island and Naples Social Security Disability Lawyers

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The Naples Social Security Disability attorneys at the Law Offices of Hodge and Snyder provide legal advice and representation to individuals in communities throughout Florida. The process of acquiring disability benefits includes many potential stages, including:

  • Initial application
  • If denied, filing a request for reconsideration
  • If the request is denied, requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge
  • If the hearing is lost, filing an administrative appeal with the appeals council
  • If the appeal is lost, filing a complaint for judicial review
  • If the review is denied, filing an appeal with the Circuit Court of Appeals

Benefits can be won at any stage in this process, which is why it is important to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side.

Why Retain a Lawyer?

As was illustrated, following the initial application, acquiring Social Security Disability benefits is a lengthy process of denials and appeals. While many steps in the process do not require the representation of an attorney, it is wise to seek counsel. As your lawyer, we will work diligently to ensure your paperwork is completed accurately and filed in a timely manner. Working on your own, it can be easy to become lost in all of the timelines and requirements. Having a qualified advocate on your side makes it that much easier to manage the process. Our clients trust us for our thorough preparation and attention to detail in all matters. Let us help you through this process.

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If you have questions regarding Social Security Disability claims denials, contact the Law Offices of Hodge and Snyder. Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Marco Island and Naples Social Security Disability Lawyers