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Clark Fountain Secures Confidential Settlement For Teenager Catastrophically Injured By Vehicle Modified With After Market Lift Kit

Jan 23rd, 2020 in News by admin

Clark Fountain Secures Confidential Settlement for Teenager Catastrophically Injured by Vehicle Modified With After Market Lift Kit

Ben J. Whitman and Don Fountain of Clark Fountain recently reached a confidential settlement for a teenager that ejected from a pickup truck

that was equipped with an aftermarket lift kit. Tragically, the client suffered significant brain injuries and will need medical treatment for the remainder of his life.

For decades, automotive retailers have sold and installed suspension and lift kits and oversized tires despite knowledge that these products increase the center of gravity and dramatically increase the likelihood of an unexpected roll over incident. Something of which can cause catastrophic injury and death. Even more shocking is the fact that vehicle manufacturers have stated under oath in legal cases around the country that they specifically discourage the use of aftermarket lift kits on vehicles because of the dangers they pose to passengers and others motorists. Through discovery depositions, Clark Fountain attorney Ben J. Whitman was able to establish that the manufacturer of the lift kit knew or should have known the significant dangers their products posed but refused to provide permanent warnings in the vehicle that would serve as a constant reminder for any person operating the vehicle of its unique handling characteristics. The most shocking piece of information uncovered in this case was that the company indicated it would have cost less than one dollar [$1.00] to include permanent warnings in the vehicle that could have prevented this tragedy.