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Firm Resolves Two Spine Injury Cases For Substantial Extra-contractual Damages

May 05th, 2020 in News by admin

Firm Resolves Two Spine Injury Cases For Substantial Extra-Contractual Damages

Christa L. McCann and Mark W. Clark recently reached confidential settlements on behalf of two firm clients involved in separate motor vehicle crashes for damages well in excess of the respective tortfeasors’ liability policy limits.

Both clients suffered spinal injuries requiring numerous pain management procedures and, one underwent a three-level spine fusion. Time limit demands for settlement were made in both cases, to the at-fault drivers’ insurance carriers however both carriers failed to timely tender their insureds policy limits.

As a result, McCann and Clark filed lawsuits against the at fault drivers’ in order to obtain judgements against them in excess of their policy limits. After numerous discovery depositions, mediations and summary jury trial, McCann and Clark were able to convince both insurers to pay extra-contractual damages well in excess of their insureds’ policy limits in order to avoid separate bad faith lawsuits.