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Texting & Driving: A Dangerous Epidemic

Apr 06th, 2018 in News by admin

Texting and driving has become one of the most concerning epidemics on public roads and highways across the nation,

causing thousands of motor vehicle accidents, injuries, and deaths each year – all of which can and should be prevented. As the problem has become worse in light of smart phone technology and the ever-present distractions they create, states throughout the country – including Florida – have begun to crack down and push for tougher texting while driving laws.

One Florida law now making its way through the state House and Senate would make Florida the 44th state in the U.S. to make texting while driving a primary offense – meaning that law enforcement officers can stop and cite drivers for texting behind the wheel alone, without having to first see them making a traffic infraction. In our blog, we discuss the new proposed law and just how serious texting while driving is in terms of increasing risks of accidents, serious, injuries, and deaths.