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Jurisdiction — Special Magistrate For County’s Office Of Human Rights Lacked Subject-matter Jurisdiction To Conduct Conciliation Proceedings Under County’s Wage

Dec 21st, 2021 in News by admin

Jurisdiction -- Special magistrate for county's office of human rights lacked subject-matter jurisdiction to conduct conciliation proceedings under county's wage and theft recovery ordinance to resolve complex business dispute between two professional organizations arising out of physician's employment agreement --…

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Homeowners Associations — Liens — Attorney’s Fees — Trial Court Did Not Err In Determining That Homeowners Were Not Prevailing Parties Entitled To Attorney’s Fees

Dec 19th, 2021 in News by admin

Homeowners associations -- Liens -- Attorney's fees -- Trial court did not err in determining that homeowners were not prevailing parties entitled to attorney's fees in voluntarily dismissed action brought by homeowners association to foreclose lien for unpaid assessments where…

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